How to Buy Enanta Pharmaceuticals (ENTA) Shares – Tutorial Guide

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Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology company, discovers and develops small molecule drugs for the treatment of viral infections and liver diseases. Its disease research and development targets include respiratory syncytial virus, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, SARS-CoV-2, human metapneumovirus, and hepatitis B virus. The company offers glecaprevir for the treatment of hepatitis C virus. chronic or HCV with the names MAVYRET and MAVIRET. Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has a collaborative development and license agreement with Abbott Laboratories to identify, develop and commercialize HCV NS3 and NS3/4A protease inhibitor compounds, including paritaprevir and glecaprevir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus.

How to Buy Enanta Pharmaceuticals (ENTA) Shares – Tutorial Guide

Looking for how to buy Enanta Pharmaceuticals (ENTA) shares on Nasdaq risk-free and using an officially regulated broker? Are you interested in being able to invest your monthly earnings and have capital gains in the stock market? Here I am going to show you how you can create a debit account , a reliable German investment bank and minimal commissions, and how you can buy shares of Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA) (ENTA) quickly and easily.

What we will do is easy to carry out :

  • The first step is that we are going to register in DeGiro, an interface where we are going to be able to buy shares of the company Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA) with the ticker (ENTA).
  • Second, we will add funds and execute our first investment in the stock market.
  • Once we have the funds, we must look for the company Enanta Pharmaceuticals through the Ticker, which is ENTA.
  • To finish we will have to adjust the number of shares that we will buy, the value and type of order.

Perhaps the tutorial has been a bit basic for you, so I am going to explain the process with screenshots.

Tutorial to register with DEGIRO

First of all, we will register an account in DEGIRO from this link :

buy shares of Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA)

It will ask us for an email, a username and a password to have access, and then we will continue through the link that they have sent us by email address.

Degiro will continuously ask us for some necessary information in order to confirm our identification . We must have the passport, identity document or driving license, your mobile or cell phone and the bank account number that we will place to make our 1st deposit. If you do not understand how this format is, you can review this simple guide article that we have made .

stock Enanta Pharmaceuticals

Once our account is verified, we can pay money from the Deposit/Withdraw tab. We can make a bank transaction that will take 1-3 days, or we can make the deposit quickly thanks to Sofort, a completely secure and very reliable payment gateway.

deposit money Enanta Pharmaceuticals

How to buy Enanta Pharmaceuticals (ENTA) shares through DEGIRO

The moment we have the money we can invest in our first action. You can press the place order button in the corner or use the spin finder and type in the ticker. In the next screenshot you will find that I have put the Amazon Ticker but you must insert (ENTA), the Enanta Pharmaceuticals ticker. As we are talking about an action, we will check that the related results are listed and there we will discover Enanta Pharmaceuticals. The fundamental thing is that the ticker, the name of the company and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on NASDAQ (NDQ) and in your case Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA) is listed on Nasdaq. This step is essential so do not make a mistake.

American stock market Enanta Pharmaceuticals

At the time of placing the order we have to pay special attention to what I am going to explain to you now . We will be able to place a limit or market order. Imagine that you plan to buy a share of Enanta Pharmaceuticals at 46.17, but its price today is too high. With a limit order we will adapt the value at which we plan to carry out the operation and until there are no shares selling at this value, the purchase operation of the share will not be carried out. With a market order DEGIRO will buy the number of shares that we have indicated at the actual selling price, which would be very close to the actual quoted price.

limited purchase order Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA)

In any case, it is convenient that you look at the order: permanent or of the day . For example, in Spain, the stock market listing is in the morning and until 1 in the afternoon, and in the United States it coincides with the afternoon schedule in Spain. If an order is fixed, it will last until the point in which it manages to be executed, but if you opt for the “of the day” option, when the session ends, if it is not executed, it will be deleted from your Activity – Pending Orders tab.

I want this detailed article to help you buy shares in Enanta Pharmaceuticals. Greetings!

  Company information
  • Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ENTA) Address: 500 Arsenal Street Watertown, MA 02472 United States 617607 0800 Website:
  • Ticker: IN
  • Sector: Sanitary
  • Industry: Biotechnology
  • Number of employees: 141
  • Listed market: Nasdaq
  • Value last year: $46.17

company executives

Name Title Payment exercised Year of birth
Dr. Jay R. Luly President, CEO and Director 1.1 million 309.58k 1956
Mr. Paul J. Mellett Jr. Senior Vice President of Fin. & Admin. and CFO 612.52k 86.61k 1955
Dr Yat Sun O Senior Vice President of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer 675.48k N/A 1952
Mr. Nathaniel S. Gardiner JD Sr. Vice President, General Counsel and Sec. 619.67k 131.62k 1954
Dr. Nathalie Adda Senior Vice President and Medical Director 644.09k N/A 1966
Mrs. Jennifer Viera Senior Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications N/A N/A N/A
Mrs. Tara Lynn Kieffer Ph.D. Senior Vice President of Strategy and New Product Development. N/A N/A 1978
Mr. Brendan Luu Sr. Vice President of Bus. Devel. N/A N/A N/A

Recent Enanta Pharmaceuticals Events:

Recent Events June 30, 2020 Filed Complete 8-K: Change of Directors or Principal Officers May 11, 2020 Filed Complete 10-Q: Quarterly Report May 06, 2020 Filed Complete 8-K: Results of Operations and Financial Condition, Statements yMar 02, 2020 Filed Complete 8-K: Submission of Matters to Vote by Security Holders February 10, 2020 Filed Complete 10-Q: Quarterly Report