How to buy shares of Sparta Capital (SAY.V), Step by step

Sparta Capital Ltd. provides specialized Energy capture, conversion, optimization and related services to the commercial sector. It is involved in biomass conversion with a focus on capturing CO2 emissions through waste diversion and conversion of biomass waste into consumables, such as Waste-to-Energy products; and electronics recycling company that converts and markets old electronic components. The … Leer más

How to Buy Questor Technology Stock (qst.v), Tutorial Explained

Questor Technology Inc., an environmental clean technology company, designs, manufactures and services waste gas combustion systems in Canada and the United States. The company sells, rents and services waste gas incineration systems. It offers its solutions for various oil and gas projects, as well as landfill biogas, syngas, waste engine exhaust, geothermal and solar energy, … Leer más

Learn how to buy Current Water Technologies (watr.v) stock, Guide with steps

Current Water Technologies Inc. develops environmental technologies in Canada, Europe, Asia and the United States. The company provides patented and proprietary technologies for the treatment of wastewater and drinking water contaminated by metals or nutrients, such as arsenic and nitrate/ammonia associated with the mining, metals processing, chemical, agricultural, municipal and waste management sectors; and for … Leer más

How to buy shares of Ozner Water International Holding (2014.HK). Explained

Ozner Water International Holding Limited, an investment holding company, is engaged in water purification, air disinfection, supply chain and other businesses in the People’s Republic of China. The company’s Water Purification segment sells and leases water purifying machines; and provides training services to distributors. The Air Sanitation segment is engaged in the provision of air … Leer más

How to Buy Water Stocks Now (WTNW) Guide with Steps

Water Now, Inc. develops and markets portable gas/diesel or electric devices for processing and purifying contaminated water. Its products include the Aqua 125 model for purifying fresh water that is primarily contaminated with partially dissolved solid materials, microorganisms, and other pathogens; The Aqua 1000 model to desalinate salt water with a capacity of up to … Leer más

Find out how to buy Eco Safe Systems USA (esfs) shares | Tutorial explained

Eco Safe Systems USA, Inc. manufactures water treatment and recovery systems. It offers R-1000-HS Domestic Units for the disinfection of food and surfaces, and general cleaning in homes; R-1000 Restaurant Single Sink System for sanitizing food and surfaces, and general cleaning in restaurants; R-1000-3S restaurant systems for restaurants or supermarkets; and the MD-1500 System and … Leer más

Learn how to buy GreenChek Technology (GCHK) shares – Guide with steps

GreenChek Technology Inc., a development-stage company, is focused on manufacturing, marketing and distributing hydrogen technology products designed to reduce gas emissions from motor vehicles. The company develops an emission reduction device (ERD-3.0) for installation in various vehicles with an internal combustion engine. Their ERD-3.0 product generates hydrogen through electrolysis. The company was previously known as … Leer más

How to buy Global Water Technologies (gwtr) shares – Tutorial guide

Global Water Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiary, Electric H2O, Inc., identifies, develops and markets non-chemical, filtration and other technologies to improve water efficiency in the United States. The company uses non-chemical water treatment to prevent fouling in cooling towers through its line of ED2000, ED2000PLUS and AquaPhysics systems. Its technologies address fouling, microbiological growth, corrosion … Leer más