How to buy Cellink AB shares (CLNK-B.ST) Step by step in english

Cellink AB (publ), a bioconvergence company, designs and develops bioprinting, liquid handling, single cell analysis and live cell imaging technologies in North America, Europe, Asia and internationally. The company’s bioprinting solutions include BIO MDX, bioprinting systems for biomedical manufacturing; BIO X, 3D bioprinter for cell biologists, tissue engineers and biomedical researchers; BIO X6, a 6 … Leer más

Looking for how to buy shares of Vivos (RDGL) Tutorial

Vivos Inc., a radiation oncology medical device company, develops brachytherapy devices for the treatment of unresectable tumors. Develops a RadioGel device based on yttrium-90, an injectable particulate gel for brachytherapy radiation treatment of cancerous tumors in people and animals; and IsoPet for animals. The company was previously known as Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation and changed … Leer más

How to buy shares of Modular Medical (MODD) – I explain how

Modular Medical, Inc., a development-stage medical device company, focuses on the design, development and marketing of insulin pumps for people with insulin-dependent diabetes. Its hardware technology allows people with diabetes to receive their daily insulin through continuous basal delivery and bolus delivery. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. How to buy shares of … Leer más

How to buy Wellstar International (WLSI) shares. Step by Step

Wellstar International, Inc. has no significant operations. Previously, the company, through its subsidiary, Trillennium Medical Imaging, Inc., was engaged in the development and licensing of advanced thermal imaging technology in consumer healthcare markets. His technology enabled a diagnostic screening procedure for the early detection of breast cancer; the differential diagnosis of pain dysfunctions, such as … Leer más

How to buy Odyssey International (ODYY) shares, Step by step in english

Odyssey Group International, Inc. focuses on the development, acquisition and marketing of medical products and health-related technologies. It intends to offer medical devices. The company has development projects in three technologies, including CardioMap, a cardiac detection and monitoring device; Save A Life Choking Rescue Device; and a neurosteroid drug compound intended to treat rare brain … Leer más

You want to learn how to buy shares of Corporación BioElectronica (BIEL) Step by step

BioElectronics Corporation, a home appliance company, is engaged in the development and sale of wearable neuromodulation devices to mitigate neurological diseases and improve quality of life worldwide. Its products include ActiPatch, a musculoskeletal pain reliever; Smart insole, a solution for heel pain; Allay, a drug-free micro medical device that uses electromagnetic pulse therapy to reduce … Leer más

How to buy CYBERDYNE (CYBQY) shares – Tutorial guide

CYBERDYNE Inc. manufactures and sells medical devices in Japan. The company offers Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) for medical use for people who have lower extremity disorders and leg weakness, as well as non-medical HAL; HAL peripherals; cleaning robots; transport robots for various transport tasks in factories, offices and other indoor environments; and Acoustic X, a … Leer más

Learn how to buy Micron Stock (MICR) | Explained

Micron Solutions, Inc., through its subsidiary, Micron Products, Inc., operates as a contract manufacturing organization that produces medical device components that require precision machining and injection molding in the United States and internationally. The company also manufactures components, devices and equipment for military, law enforcement, automotive and consumer product applications. Its products include silver/silver chloride-coated … Leer más

How to buy shares of Invacare Corporation (IVC) Guide with steps

Invacare Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, distributes and exports medical equipment for use in the home health care, retail and extended care markets worldwide. The company offers mobility and seating products such as power wheelchairs under the Invacare TDX brand; customized manual wheelchairs under the Invacare, Invacare Top End and Küschall brands; and … Leer más

You want to buy shares of Zimmer Biomet (ZBH) – Step by step in english

Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., along with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and markets musculoskeletal health products and solutions in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. The company offers orthopedic reconstructive products, such as knee and hip replacement products; SET products, including sports medicine, biologicals, foot and ankle, extremities, and trauma products; spinal … Leer más