Learn how to buy shares of Environmental Infrastructure Exploitation Corporation (eihc) – Tutorial

Environmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp., an equipment solutions provider, through its subsidiary Equisol, LLC, offers environmentally friendly products, services and engineered solutions. Designs, manufactures and sells equipment systems, including water treatment systems; sells equipment systems and parts, as well as basic components for maintenance, repair and operations; offers optimization, calibration, installation and maintenance services; and provides … Leer más

Learn how to buy TransAct Energy shares (tegy). Guide

TransAct Energy Corp. develops and manages zero emission waste for value plants around the world. The company’s main products are carbon black, phenolic resins and levoglucosan. It also produces fertilizers for the agricultural industry; a mixture of bricks for the construction industry; recovered metals and purified water; and acetic acid and furfural for manufacturers of … Leer más

Learn how to buy shares of Energy and Water Development Corporation (eawd), Learn step by step

Energy and Water Development Corp., a green technology engineering services company, focuses on sustainable water and energy solutions in the United States. The company provides atmospheric water generators and aquatic mission systems; solar energy water purification systems; solar energy systems; and energy storage solutions. It also offers technological solutions and personalized technical services, which include … Leer más