You want to buy shares of The Hershey (HSY). Tutorial


The Hershey Company, along with its subsidiaries, manufactures and sells confectionery and pantry items. The company operates in two segments, North America; and international and others. Offers chocolate confectionery and not chocolate; gum and mint products comprising mints, chewing gums and bubble gums; pantry items such as baking ingredients, toppings, ice cream drinks and syrups; and snack foods, including spreads, meat appetizers, snack bars, snack mixes, popcorn and protein bars, and cookies. The company offers its products primarily under the Hershey, Reese’s, Kisses, Jolly Rancher, Almond Joy, Brookside, BarkTHINS, Cadbury, Good & Plenty, Heath, Kit Kat, Lancaster, Payday, Rolo, Twizzlers, Whoppers, York, Hydraulic Ice, Breathsavers, Bubble Yum, SkinnyPop, Pirate’s Booty, Oatmega, Paqui, and Bar brands, as well as under the Pelon Pelo Rico, IO-IO, and Sofit brands. It markets and sells its products to wholesale distributors, chain grocery stores, wholesalers, chain pharmacies, vending companies, wholesale clubs, convenience stores, dollar stores, dealerships, and department stores. The company was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania. convenience stores, dollar stores, dealerships, and department stores. The company was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania. convenience stores, dollar stores, dealerships, and department stores. The company was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The Hershey company (NYSE) chart and price

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The Hershey Company



consumer defense

717 534 4200

Basic information

You want to buy shares of The Hershey (HSY). Tutorial

Do you want to buy The Hershey (HSY) shares on the NYSE easily and using a regulated and reliable broker? Are you interested in the fact of being able to monetize your profits for the month and get profits on the stock market? Today I am going to show you how easy it is to register with degiro , a regulated German investment broker with low commissions, and how you will be able to buy your first share of The Hershey Company (HSY) (HSY) quickly and simply. .

The procedure is very intuitive :

  • To begin, we will register with DeGiro, an investment platform where we will buy shares of The Hershey Company (HSY) (HSY).
  • In this step we will transfer euros to be able to make the 1st investment in shares.
  • When we finally have the funds we will have to locate The Hershey with the Ticker, I mean HSY.
  • Then we are only going to add the number of shares we want to buy, value and the type of order.

The tutorial may have been too essential for you, so let’s see the entire purchase process with images:

How to sign up for DeGiro

As a first step we will register in DeGiro with the following link :

buy shares of The Hershey Company (HSY)

It will ask us for an email, a username and a pin code to enter, and then we must continue from the link that they have sent us by email address.

DEGIRO will then request important information from us in order to accept our identity . We must have our passport, identity document or driver’s license, your telephone number and the bank account number that we will apply to make our 1st deposit. If you don’t know what method this format is, you can check this simple guide article that we elaborated from .

stock The Hershey

Once our account is confirmed, we can pay money from the Enter/Withdraw option. We have the possibility of carrying out a transfer that will take 1-3 days, or making the deposit quickly using Sofort, a completely secure and very reliable payment gateway.

bank transfer The Hershey

How to buy The Hershey (HSY) shares through DeGiro

When we finally have the money we can get our 1st share. You can press the «Submit order» button in the right corner or use the Degiro search engine and type the ticker. In the next screenshot you will see that I have used the Amazon ticker but you should insert (HSY), The Hershey’s ticker. As we are talking about an action, we will perceive that the related results are listed and there we will see The Hershey. The most important thing is that the ticker, the name of the company and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on Nasdaq (NDQ) and in your case The Hershey Company (HSY) is listed on NYSE. This step is essential so do not get confused.

american bag in maximos The Hershey

At the time of placing the order we have to pay attention to the following . We may be able to place a limit or market order. Imagine that you plan to buy a share of The Hershey at 172.65, but its actual price is higher. With a limit order, we will enter the value at which we plan to make the acquisition and until there are no shares selling at that value, the acquisition of the share will not be executed. With a market order, you will buy the number of shares that we have proposed at the current selling price, which will be very similar to the live listing price.

limit order on spin The Hershey Company (HSY)

In both cases it is important that you look at the type of classification: permanent or daily . As an example, in Spain, the stock market price is from tomorrow until 1:00 p.m., and in the US it coincides with the afternoon schedule in Spain. If an order is fixed, it will stay until the point that it gets executed, but if you choose the “of the day” option, at the end of that day, if it is not executed, it will be removed from your Activity file – Orders in status slope.

I hope that this short article will help you to buy shares in The Hershey. Thank you!

  Company information
  • The Hershey Company (HSY) Address: 19 East Chocolate Avenue
    Hershey, PA 17033
    United States
    717 534 4200
  • Ticker: HSY
  • Sector: Consumer Protection
  • Industry: confectioners
  • Number of employees: 15,200
  • Listed market: NYSE
  • Value last year: $172.65

company executives

Name Position Payment Years in position Birth Year
Ms Michele Gross Buck President, Pres & CEO 4.13M 1.88M 1962
Mr. Steven E. Voskuil Mr. VP & CFO 1.91M N/A 1968
Mr. Jason R. Reiman Mr. VP & Director Supply Chain Office 1.15M 142.61k 1972
Mr Charles R Raup US Pres 1.29M N/A 1968
Ms. Jennifer L. McCalman VP & Director Accounts Office N/A N/A 1978
Ms Melissa Poole VP of Investor Relations & Corp. Fin. N/A N/A N/A
Mr James Turoff VP, Assistant Sec. & Acting Gen. Counsel N/A N/A N/A
Mr Christopher M Scalia Sr. VP & Director HR Office N/A N/A 1976
Mr Rohit Grover Pres of International N/A N/A N/A
Ms. Kristen J. Riggs Mr. VP & Director Growth Office N/A N/A 1979

Recent events at The Hershey:

Recent Events June 15, 2021 Dividend Date May 20, 2021 Ex-dividend Date June 01, 2020 FILING FULL 8-K: Entry into a material definitive agreement, creation of a direct financial obligation May 28, 2020 FILING FULL 8-K: Entry In a material definitive agreement, other events of May 27, 2020, 2020 FELIFTE 8-K: Other events