How to buy shares of Elate (0076.HK) – Step by step in english


Elate Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, manufactures and sells graphite products throughout the world. The company also offers electronic products for the medical, defense, transportation, aerospace, security, maritime, natural gas and other industries. In addition, it participates in securities trading; and the business development of the cultural industry and multimedia products, including the making of films, television programs and Internet programs. The company was previously known as South Sea Petroleum Holdings Limited and changed its name to Elate Holdings Limited in October 2019. Elate Holdings Limited is headquartered in Central, Hong Kong.

How to buy shares of Elate (0076.HK) – Step by step in Spanish

Do you want to buy Elate (0076.HK) shares on HKSE in a simple way and using a regulated broker? Are you interested in being able to invest your profits per month and get a return on the stock market? Today I am going to show you how you can invest in Degiro , a reliable investment platform and low commissions, and how you can get your first share of the company Elate Holdings Limited (0076.HK) (0076.HK) easily. quick and easy.

The process is very intuitive :

  • To start, we will create an account in DeGiro, an investment platform where we will pay for shares of Elate Holdings Limited (0076.HK) – (0076.HK).
  • Then we will add capital and thus be able to make our first investment in the stock market.
  • When we have the funds, what we are going to do is look for the Elate company by its Ticker, which is 0076.HK.
  • To finish, we will only go on to adjust the number of shares that we are going to buy, the purchase price and the type of order.

It is possible that the step by step has been simple for you, therefore we are going to see the process with images:

Learn how to sign up for DeGiro.

First we are going to register in DEGIRO from this link :

buy shares of Elate Holdings Limited (0076.HK)

It will ask us for an e-mail, a username and a pin code to enter, and then we must continue from the link that they have sent us by email.

Soon DEGIRO is going to require some important data with which they are going to verify that it is us . We must have at hand the passport number, identity document or driving document, the mobile and the bank account number that we are going to apply to make our 1st deposit. If you don’t know how this format works, you can review this simple tutorial article that we wrote at .

stock Elate

Once our account is credited, we can enter money from the Deposit/Withdraw section. We are going to be able to carry out a transaction that will take between one to two days, or to be able to make the deposit quickly thanks to Sofort, a truly secure and very reliable payment gateway.

transfer money elate bank

How to buy Elate (0076.HK) shares through DeGiro

Once we have the capital we can get our 1st share. You can go to the “Submit order” button that you will find in the right corner or select the Degiro search engine and paste the ticker. In the next image you will find that I have used the Amazon ticker but in your case you have to write (0076.HK), the Elate ticker. As it is an action, we will discover that the related results are listed and there we will look to find Elate. The essential thing is that the ticker, the name of the company and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on NASDAQ (NDQ) and in your case Elate Holdings Limited (0076.HK) is listed on HKSE. This step is essential so do not make mistakes.

Elate zipper American bag

At the time of placing the order we will pay attention to what I will explain to you . We can place a limit or market order. Think you want to get a share of Elate, but its true price is higher. With a limit order we will place the value at which we wish to make the acquisition and until there are no shares selling at a certain value, the acquisition of the share will not be made. With a market order Degiro will buy the number of shares that we have adjusted to the currently selling price, which would be very close to the actual listing price.

Limit Sell Order Elate Holdings Limited (0076.HK)

In one case or another, it is essential that you look at the type of alignment: fixed or of the day . To give an example, in Spain, the stock market is from tomorrow until 1 in the afternoon, and in the US it corresponds to the afternoon schedule in Spain. If the order is permanent, it will be until it reaches execution, but if you prefer the “of the day” option, at the end of that day, if it is not executed, it will be removed from your Activity panel – Pending Orders.

I would like this detailed tutorial to have helped you to buy shares in Elate. Until another!

  Company information
  • Address of Elate Holdings Limited (0076.HK): Unit 1002, Euro Trade Center 10th Floor 13-14 Connaught Rd and 21-23 Des Voeux Rd Central Hong Kong 852 2865 6863 – Website:
  • Ticker: 0076.HK
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Industry: Electronic Components
  • Number of employees: 322
  • Listed Market: HKSE

key executives

Name Title Salary exercised Year of birth
Mr. Zhong Yun Feng MD Exec. director 15k N/A 1967
Ms. Xue Zhang Exec. director 33k N/A 1977
Mr. Xiu Qiang Song Vice President of Marketing N/A N/A N/A
Ms. Lee Yu Lam Company sec. N/A N/A 1969

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