Discover how to buy shares of Forbes Energy Services (FLSS) – I explain how

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Forbes Energy Services, Ltd., an independent oilfield service contractor, provides a range of services from ideas to oil and natural gas drilling and producing companies to develop and enhance oil and natural gas production in the United States. It operates through three segments: Welcome Service, Coiled Tube, and Fluid Logistics. The service service segment offers well maintenance services, including remedial repairs, and the removal and replacement of well production equipment; Well, you perform, like back-hole repairs, re-completions and re-drilling; Completion and escape services; plug and drop services; and oil and natural gas production pressure testing services and scanning tubing for pitting and wall thickness. The coiled tubing segment provides various services, such as horizontal completions, cleanouts and maintenance, nitrogen, through tubing, formation stimulation with acid and other chemicals, and other pre- and post-hydraulic fracturing well preparation services. . The fluid logistics segment transports, stores and disposes of various drilling and producing fluids used in the production of oil and natural gas. This segment is involved in fluid drag activities; disposal of salt water, and non-hazardous natural gas waste and natural gas produced from oil and natural gas wells; rental of fluid storage tanks for use by oil field operators to store various fluids at well sites; and the sale and transportation of various chemicals and fluids used in drilling, completion and job-change operations for oil and natural gas wells. As of December 31, 2019, the company operated a fleet of 141 service platforms comprising 134 work platforms and 7 escape platforms; 103 fluid service vacuum trucks, trailers and other trucks transported; 11 available wells; 2,534 fluid storage tanks; and 14 units of coiled tubing. Forbes Energy Services, Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Alice, Texas.

Discover how to buy shares of Forbes Energy Services (FLSS) – I explain how

Are you interested in obtaining Forbes Energy Services (FLSS) shares in OTC safely and using a regulated broker? Do you like the fact of making your bank profits profitable and obtaining interest on the stock market? Here I am going to show you how you can register an account in DeGiro , a reliable investment broker and low commissions, and how you can get your first share in Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FLSS) (FLSS) quickly and intuitively. .

What we will do is very simple :

  • First of all, we will register a debit account, an investment platform where we will buy shares of Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FLSS) with the ticker (FLSS).
  • Secondly, we will enter funds and thus carry out our 1st investment in shares.
  • When we finally see the funds we will have to locate Forbes Energy Services with the TICKER, which is FLSS.
  • To finish, we only have to add the number of shares we want, the price at which we buy and the type of order.

Perhaps the checklist has been simple for you, so now you are going to see the whole process with images:

How to open an account in DEGIRO.

First of all we must register in DEGIRO from this link :

buy shares of Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FLSS)

It will ask us for an email, a username and a password to enter, and later we will have to continue with the link that they have sent us by email address.

Then degiro will ask us for some essential data in order to validate our official identification . We must have in hand the passport number, DNI or driving document, your telephone number and the bank account number that we will use to make our first deposit in IBAN format. If you do not understand what this format is, you can review this simple guide article that we developed at .

Stock Forbes Energy Services

Once our account is approved we can enter money from the Enter / Withdraw tab. We will be able to make a bank transaction that will take 2-3 days, or carry out the deposit instantly with Sofort, a truly secure and very reliable payment gateway.

deposit money Forbes Energy Services

How to buy Forbes Energy Services (FLSS) shares through DEGIRO

As long as we have the capital we can get our 1st share. You can go to the place order button that is located in a corner or use the Degiro search engine and put the ticker. In the following image you will see that I have written the Amazon Ticker but you should put (FLSS), the Forbes Energy Services ticker. As we are talking about an action, we will check that the related tickers are listed and there we will discover Forbes Energy Services. The most essential thing is that the ticker, the name of the company and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on Nasdaq (NDQ) and in your case Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FLSS) is listed on OTC. This step is very essential so do not make a mistake.

American stock market dividends Forbes Energy Services

When making the order we have to pay special attention to the following . We may proceed to place a limit or market order. Imagine that you want to buy a share of Forbes Energy Services, but its price is currently quite high. With a limit order we will place the value at which we plan to make the purchase and until there are no shares for sale at that price, the purchase of the share will not be executed. With a market order DEGIRO will buy the number of shares that we have adjusted to the selling price today, which will be very close to the actual trading price.

buy limit order Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FLSS)

In any case, it is very convenient that you look at the type of order: fixed or of the day . To give an example, in Spain, the stock market is from tomorrow until 1 in the afternoon, and in the US it coincides with the afternoon schedule in Spain. If the order is fixed, it will continue until it can be executed, but if you select the “of the day” option, at the end of the trading day, if it is not executed, it will be removed from your history from Activity – Pending Orders .

I hope that this simple post has helped you to buy shares in Forbes Energy Services. Thank you!

  Company information
  • Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FLSS) Address: 3000 South Business Highway 281
    Alice, TX 78332
    United States
    361 664 0549
    – Website:
  • Ticker: FLSS
  • Industry: Energy
  • Industry: Employees
  • Number of employees: 786
  • Listed market: OTC

key executives

Name Title Salary exercised Year of birth
Mr. John E. Crisp president, CEO 1.23M N/A 1962
Mr. L. Melvin Cooper Mr. VP, CFO Sec. 705.64k N/A 1954
Mr Steve Macek Exec. VP COO 653.28k N/A 1957
Mr.Joseph A.Michetti Pres Co-Chief Operating Officer of Forbes Energy Services LLC 44.27k N/A 1971

Recent events of :

RECENT EVENTS JUL 07, 2020 FULL FILING 8-K: Entry into a Material Agreement Agreeing 30, 2020 Full Filing 10-P: Quarterly Double 08, 2020 FULL FILING 8-K: Termination of a Material Agreement Agreeing 21, 2020 Full Filing 8-K: Entry into a material definitive agreement, financial statements ANDMAY 14, 2020 Full Filing 8-K: Change in directors or principal officers