How to buy Berkshire Hathaway (BRH.DE) shares. Tutorial

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Berkshire Hathaway Inc., through its subsidiaries, is involved in insurance, rail freight, and utilities around the world. Provides property, casualty, life, accident, and health insurance; and operates rail systems in North America. The company also generates, transmits, stores and distributes electricity from natural gas, coal, wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear and geothermal sources; operates natural gas distribution and storage facilities, interstate pipelines, liquefied natural gas facilities, and compressor and meter stations; and has an interest in coal mining assets. In addition, the company manufactures boxed chocolates and other confectionery products; specialty chemicals, metal cutting tools and components for aerospace and power generation applications; and flooring, insulation, roofing and engineering, components, paints and engineering components, paints and coatings, and brick and masonry products, as well as manufactured and site-built home construction offerings, and related loans and financial services; and recreational vehicles, apparel products, jewelry and custom image framing products, and alkaline batteries. In addition, it manufactures castings, forgings, fasteners/fastener systems, and aerostructures; and seamless tubes, accessories, well casing and tubes, and various forms of mill. In addition, the company distributes televisions and information; Quick service franchise restaurants and services; distributes electronic components; and offers logistics services, grocery delivery and food services, and aviation professional training and shared aircraft ownership programs. It also impounds automobiles; Furniture, bedding and accessories; appliances, electronics and computers; jewelry, watches, crystal, china, taleware, cutlery, gifts and collectibles; cookware; and motorcycle clothing and equipment. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. electronics and computers; jewelry, watches, crystal, china, taleware, cutlery, gifts and collectibles; cookware; and motorcycle clothing and equipment. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. electronics and computers; jewelry, watches, crystal, china, taleware, cutlery, gifts and collectibles; cookware; and motorcycle clothing and equipment. The company was incorporated in 1998 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

How to buy Berkshire Hathaway (BRH.DE) shares. Tutorial

Do you want to buy Berkshire Hathaway (BRH.DE) shares in XETRA safely and using an officially regulated broker? Are you interested in being able to make your monthly savings profitable and have capital gains on the stock market? With this guide I am going to show you how easy it is to invest in DEGIRO , a regulated investment broker with low commissions, and how you are going to be able to get hold of your first shares of the company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRH.DE) (BRH. DE) quickly and intuitively.

What we will do is easy to do :

  • First we will create an account in Degiro, an investment platform in which we will pay for shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRH.DE) (BRH.DE).
  • Next we will make a transfer of funds to then execute the 1st investment in Degiro.
  • At the time we have the funds, we must search for the Berkshire Hathaway company using the TICKER, which is BRH.DE.
  • Then we are only going to adjust the number of shares that we are going to obtain, the purchase value and the type of order.

Perhaps the step by step has been concise for you, therefore we are going to see the procedure with images.

Degiro Registration Tutorial

First we are going to register in DeGiro through this link :

buy shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRH.DE)

It will ask us for an e-mail, a username and a password to access, and later we will continue from the link that has been sent to us by email address.

Immediately Degiro will ask us for important information in order to corroborate our identification card . We must have our passport, identity document or driving document, our cell phone and the bank account number that we will use to make our 1st deposit. If you don’t know how this format works, you can check this simple instructions post that we developed at .

stock Berkshire Hathaway

Once our account is confirmed we will be able to pay money from the Enter/Withdraw tab. We will be able to make a transaction that will take between 1 to 2 days, or proceed to make the deposit quickly using Sofort, a 100% secure and very reliable payment gateway.

Berkshire Hathaway wire transfer

How to buy Berkshire Hathaway (BRH.DE) shares through DEGIRO

When we finally have the money we have the possibility of acquiring our first share. You can go to the place order button in the right corner or explore the Degiro search engine and paste the ticker. In the following screenshot you will see that I have put the Amazon ticker but you should put (BRH.DE), the Berkshire Hathaway ticker. As it is an action, we will see that the related tickers are listed and there we will see to find Berkshire Hathaway. The most important thing is that the ticker, the name of the action and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on Nasdaq (NDQ) and in your case Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRH.DE) is listed on XETRA. This step is very essential so do not get confused.

american stock market nasdaq berkshire hathaway

At the time of making the order we must pay close attention to the following . We may place a limit or market order. You think you want to buy a share of Berkshire Hathaway, but its real price is too high. With the limit order we will adapt the value at which we plan to make the acquisition and until there are no shares for sale at said value, the acquisition of the share will not be executed. With a market order, you will buy the number of shares that we have indicated at the actual sale price, which will be very close to the current trading price.

limit order with hidden volume Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRH.DE)

In all cases, it is very convenient that you look at the type of alignment: permanent or daily . To serve as an example, in Spain, the stock market price is in the morning and until 1 in the afternoon, and in the USA it coincides with the afternoon schedule in Spain. If the order is fixed, it will remain until it is executed, but if you prefer the “of the day” option, when the session ends, if it had not been executed, it will be removed from your Activity – Pending Orders tab.

I wish this quick tutorial helped you to buy shares in Berkshire Hathaway. Until another!

  Company information
  • Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRH.DE) Address: 3555 Farnam Street
    Omaha, NE 68131
    United States
    – Website:
  • Ticker: BRH.DE
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Industry: Employees
  • Number of employees: 360,000
  • Listed market: XETRA

key executives

Name Title Salary exercised Year of birth
Mr. Warren E. Buffett president, CEO 380.33k N/A 1930
Mr Charles Thomas Munger Exec. Vice president 100k N/A 1924
Mr. Marc David Hamburg Mr. VP, CFO Sec. 3.26M N/A 1950
Mr. Ajit Jain Vice President of Insurance Operations Director 19.01M N/A 1952
Mr Gregory Edward Abel Vice President of Non Insurance Bus. Operations Director 19.01M N/A 1962
Mr. Daniel Jerome Jaksich VP, Controller Principal Accounting officer N/A N/A N/A
Mr Michael Pille Head of Healthcare Underwriting in Germany Mr. Underwriter of Casualty N/A N/A N/A
Kerby S. Ham treasurer N/A N/A N/A
Mr Peter James Eastwood CEO Pres of Specialty Insurance N/A N/A N/A
Ms. Kara Lee Raiguel CEO Pres of Gen. Re Unit N/A N/A N/A

Recent events of :

We have no recent events for this company.