How to buy Ercros shares (ECR.MC), Tutorial in english


Ercros, SA manufactures and markets basic chemical, intermediate chemical and pharmaceutical products in Spain. It operates through three divisions: chlorine derivatives, chemical intermediates and pharmaceuticals. The Chlorine Derivatives division produces ammonia, bioplastics, caustic potash and soda, chlorine, chloroisocyanurates, dicalcium phosphate, dichloroethane, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, potassium carbonate, PVC compounds, sodium chlorate and chlorite, sodium hypochlorite, vinyl chloride monomer and polychloride, and trichloroisocyanuric acid. Its products are used as intermediates in other industrial processes to purify and treat drinking and waste water; treat and maintain pool water; bleach fabrics and paper; produce solvents, detergents and strippers; manufacture printing inks and dyes; produce compound feed and in refrigeration equipment; and others. The Intermediate Chemicals division supplies formaldehyde, glues and resins, molding compounds, paraformaldehyde, pentaerythritol and dipentaerythritol, and sodium formate for the manufacture of resins, paints, varnishes, plugs and switches, tableware, health and packaging items, particles and decorative laminated boards and plywood. , as well as for use in the textile tanning industry. The Pharmaceutical division is dedicated to the manufacture of raw materials and intermediate pharmaceutical products for antibiotics, cholesterol reducers, anti-ulcer and anti-fungal products. Its products include amlodipine besylate, azithromycin, clarithromycin, erythromycins, famotidine, fosfomycin calcium and sodium, Fosfomycin trometamol and fusidic acid. The company also exports its products. Ercros, S.

Graph and price of the company Ercros (MCE)

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Ercros, SA



Basic Materials

34 609 88 06 30

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How to buy Ercros shares (ECR.MC), Tutorial in Spanish

Are you looking for how to obtain Ercros (ECR.MC) shares in MCE safely and through a regulated broker in Europe? Would you like to be able to invest your savings from the piggy bank and extract returns in the stock market? With this guide I am going to show you how easy it is to register with degiro , a regulated investment broker with low commissions, and how you can get hold of your first shares of the company Ercros, SA (ECR.MC) (ECR.MC ) quickly and easily.

The method is very intuitive :

  • First of all, we are going to register with DeGiro, a platform on which we will invest in the shares of Ercros, SA (ECR.MC) with the ticker (ECR.MC).
  • Next we will add euros to make our first stock investment.
  • Once we have the funds, we must look for the Ercros company through its Ticker, in this case it is ECR.MC.
  • Finally we will go on to adjust the number of shares we want to buy, the purchase price and the type of order.

The tutorial may have been a bit essential for you, so I’m going to show you the process with images:

How to register and invest in Degiro.

As a first step we must register in Degiro in the following link :

buy shares of Ercros, SA (ECR.MC)comprar acciones de Ercros, SA (ECR.MC)

It will ask us for an email, a username and a pin code to have access, and then we will continue from the link that they have sent us by email.

Soon degiro will ask us for information of interest with which they will approve that it is us . We need to have at hand our passport, national identity document or driving license, your mobile and the number of the bank account that we are going to place to carry out our 1st deposit. If you do not perceive how this format is, you can check this simple guide article that we have done from Educacep .

Stock Ercrosstock Ercros

Once our account is confirmed, we can pay money from the Enter/Withdraw tab. We can make a bank transfer that will take between 2-3 days, or make the deposit instantly with Sofort, a truly secure and very reliable payment gateway.

transfer money bank Ercrostransferir dinero banco Ercros

How to buy Ercros (ECR.MC) shares through DeGiro

As soon as we have the money we can acquire our 1st share. You can select the place order button that is located at the top right or use the DEGIRO search engine and type the ticker. In the following screenshot you will see that I have used the Amazon ticker but you must put (ECR.MC), the Ercros ticker. As it is an action, we will see that the related tickers are listed and there we will see to find Ercros. The most essential thing is that the ticker, the name of the company and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on Nasdaq (NDQ) and in your case Ercros, SA (ECR.MC) is listed on MCE. This step is very important so make no mistake.

Ercros calendar american bagbolsa americana calendario Ercros

At the time of making the order we will have to pay attention to the next . We have the possibility of placing a limit or market order. Imagine that you plan to get an Ercros share, but its price is currently higher. With this limit order we will put the value at which we plan to make the acquisition and until there are no shares for sale at that value, the acquisition of the share will not be executed. With a market order DeGiro will buy the number of shares that we have added to the currently selling price, which would be very close to the actual listing price.

order at market price Ercros, SA (ECR.MC)orden a precio de mercado Ercros, SA (ECR.MC)

In any situation it is essential that you look at the type of order: fixed or of the day . To give an example, in Spain, the stock market is in the morning and until 1:00 p.m., and in the US it corresponds to the afternoon schedule in Spain. If an order is fixed, it will remain until the point where it can be executed, but if you choose the “of the day” option, at the time the trading session ends, if it has not been carried out, it will be removed from your Activity tab – Orders in process.

Hopefully this simple post will be useful to you to invest in Ercros. Until another!

  Company information
  • Address of Ercros, SA (ECR.MC): Avinguda Diagonal, 593-595 Barcelona 08014 Spain 34609 88 06 30 – Website:
  • Ticker: ECR.MC
  • Sector: Basic Materials
  • Industry: Employees
  • Number of employees: 1352
  • Listed market: MCE

key executives

Name Title Salary exercised Year of birth
Mr. Antonio Zabalza Marti President and CEO 551.25k N/A 1946
Mr. Pedro Rodriguez Sanchez CFO N/A N/A N/A
Mr. Agustin Blasco Franco Director of operations N/A N/A N/A
Mr. Josep Rovira Pujals Director of Administration N/A N/A N/A
Ms. Asuncion Loste Madoz Director of the Legal Department N/A N/A 1963
Mr. Joaquin Sanmartin Muñiz HR Director N/A N/A N/A
Mr. Daniel Ripley Soria Non-Director Sec. N/A N/A 1970
Mrs. Teresa Conesa Fabregues Director of the General Secretariat N/A N/A N/A
Mr. Xavier Alvarez Garcia Director of the Internal Audit Service N/A N/A 1973

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We have no recent events for this company.