How to buy shares of Dilip Buildcon (DBL.NS) Guide with steps

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Dilip Buildcon Limited, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the development of infrastructure facilities on an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) basis in India. It operates in two segments, EPC Projects and Toll Operations. The company carries out operation and maintenance projects for state and national highways, urban highways, sewers and bridges; and irrigation, urban development, dams, canals, tunnels, metro rail viaducts, water supply, coal mining, water and sewage sanitation, airports, industrial, commercial and residential buildings, and other projects. It also participates in the maintenance of road infrastructure facilities; and toll operations. In addition, the company is dedicated to the repair and installation of machinery and equipment,

How to buy shares of Dilip Buildcon (DBL.NS) Guide with steps

Do you want to learn how to buy Dilip Buildcon (DBL.NS) shares on NSE easily and through a regulated and recognized broker? Do you like the fact of being able to monetize your profits from the piggy bank and make a profit on the stock market? In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can sign up for degiro , a reliable German investment broker with low commissions, and how you can buy Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL.NS) (DBL.NS) shares quickly and easily.

The step by step is easy to do :

  • To start we will register an account in Degiro, an investment platform where we will buy shares of the company Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL.NS) – (DBL.NS).
  • Then we will enter €€€ to then carry out our 1st investment in Degiro.
  • As soon as we see the funds, we will proceed to locate Dilip Buildcon looking for its ticker, which is DBL.NS.
  • To finish we will indicate the number of shares that we will buy, the value and the type of order.

It is possible that the checklist has been too simple for you, so let’s see the step by step with images:

How to open an account in DEGIRO

First of all, we will register an account with DeGiro through the following link :

buy shares of Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL.NS)

It will ask us for an email, a name and a password to access, and then we will continue from the link that they have sent us by email address.

Soon DeGiro is going to require some necessary data with which they are going to approve our identity . We must have our passport, ID or driving license, our mobile phone and the bank account number that we will use to carry out our first deposit in IBAN format. If you do not understand what this format is, you can check this simple guide article that we have created from .

stock Dilip Buildcon

Once our account is verified we will be able to put money from the Deposit / Withdraw section. We can make a bank transaction that will take more or less 1-3 days, or carry out the deposit instantly with Sofort, a 100% secure and very reliable payment gateway.

Dilip Buildcon bank transfer

How to buy Dilip Buildcon (DBL.NS) shares through DEGIRO

At the time that we have the capital we can buy our first share. You can either press the “Place Order” button in the top right corner or browse in the spin finder and type in the ticker. In the next screenshot you will see that I have used the Amazon Ticker but in your case you must insert (DBL.NS), the Dilip Buildcon ticker. Since we are talking about an action, we will see that the related businesses and companies are listed and there we will discover to find Dilip Buildcon. The essential thing is that the ticker, the name of the company and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on Nasdaq (NDQ) and in your case Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL.NS) is listed on NSE. This step is very important so don’t get confused.

american Dilip Buildcon calendar bag

When developing the order we will pay attention to the following . We will have the possibility to carry out a limit or market order. Imagine that you want to buy a share of Dilip Buildcon, but its real price is quite prominent. With this limit order we will put the value at which we want to make the acquisition and until there are no shares for sale at this price, the purchase of the share will not be executed. With a market order, you will buy the number of shares that we have adjusted to the current selling price, which is going to be very close to today’s trading price.

limit order on exchange Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL.NS)

In both cases it is important that you look at the type of classification: permanent or daily . For example, in Spain, the stock market price is in the morning until 1 in the afternoon, and in the USA it corresponds to the Spanish afternoon schedule. If the order is fixed, it will be until it reaches execution, but if you opt for the “of the day” option, at the end of the day, if it is not executed, it will be removed from your section in Activity – Pending Orders.

I want this short article to be useful for you to invest in Dilip Buildcon. Until next time.

  Company information
  • Dilip Buildcon Limited (DBL.NS) Address: Plot No. 5 Inside Govind Narayan Singh Gate Chuna Bhatti Kolar Road Bhopal 462016 India 91 75 5402 9999 – Website:
  • Ticker: DBL.NS
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Industry: Engineering and construction
  • Number of employees: 34,262
  • Listed market: NSE

key executives

Name Title Salary exercised Year of birth
Mr Dilip Suryavanshi Owner, President and CEO 160 million N/A 1956
Mr Devendra Jain Full-time CEO and Director 180 million N/A 1973
Mr Bharat Singh press N/A N/A 1959
Mr Radhey Shyam Garg Pres and CFO 6.64 million N/A 1957
Mr Abhishek Shrivastava Sec of the main company. and compliance officer 2.84 million N/A 1975
Ms Seema Suryavanshi full time manager 20M N/A 1962
Mr Karan Suryavanshi Head of Bus. Devel. N/A N/A 1990
Mr.Rohan Suryavanshi Head of Strategy and Planning N/A N/A 1987
Mr. Ajay Kumar Mishra Contract Management Pres N/A N/A 1964
Mr. Devendra Goyal Gen. Mang. of counts N/A N/A N/A

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We have no recent events for this company.