How to buy shares of HBL Power Systems (HBLPOWER.NS), Step by step in english

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HBL Power Systems Limited manufactures and sells batteries, power electronics and spun concrete products in India and internationally. The company offers lead-acid batteries, including VRLA Tin Lead, VRLA Tubular Gel, VRLA Vented Tubular Plate and VRLA Flat Plate; nickel-cadmium batteries, such as pocket plate, sintered plate and fiber plate batteries; and zinc-plated aircraft, missiles, torpedoes, and reserve batteries. It also provides power electronics including thyristor battery chargers, battery monitoring systems and earth leakage monitors; and engineering solutions, such as training simulators, as well as integrated power supply products, data loggers, audio frequency track circuits, electronic interlock systems, train collision avoidance systems and digital axle counters for railways. In addition, the company offers Renewable Energy products, including off-grid solar systems such as solar pumps and rooftop systems, as well as concrete products comprising spun concrete poles and piles and concrete telecommunication towers. It serves the Defense, Telecommunications, Railroad, Oil and Gas, Power Utilities, UPS and Inverter Battery, and Solar Power industries. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. HBL Power Systems Limited is a subsidiary of Aluru Family Private Trust. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. HBL Power Systems Limited is a subsidiary of Aluru Family Private Trust. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. HBL Power Systems Limited is a subsidiary of Aluru Family Private Trust.

How to buy shares of HBL Power Systems (HBLPOWER.NS), Step by step in Spanish

Are you interested in obtaining shares of HBL Power Systems (HBLPOWER.NS) in NSE in a simple way and using a regulated broker in Europe? Do you like the fact that you are able to monetize your monthly benefits and get a return on the stock market? Here I am going to show you how you can create an account with degiro , a reliable German investment broker and low commissions, and how you can get your first HBL Power Systems Limited (HBLPOWER.NS) (HBLPOWER.NS) share quickly and easily. .

The procedure is very simple :

  • First, we will create an account in Degiro, an investment platform where we will acquire shares of the company HBL Power Systems Limited (HBLPOWER.NS), (HBLPOWER.NS).
  • Secondly, we will add €€€ to carry out the 1st investment.
  • When we see the funds we will proceed to look for the company HBL Power Systems with the Ticker, in this case it is HBLPOWER.NS.
  • Finally we are only going to add the amount of shares we want, value and the type of order.

Perhaps the tutorial has been a bit basic for you, so now you are going to see the whole step by step with images of each part:

How to open your account in DEGIRO.

First of all, we will register an account in DEGIRO with the following link :

buy shares of HBL Power Systems Limited (HBLPOWER.NS)

It will ask us for an e-mail, a username and a pin code to access, and then we will continue through the link that has been sent to us by email address.

Next, DeGiro will ask us for the necessary information to confirm our document . We must have on hand the passport number, DNI (identity document) or driving document, your mobile or cell phone and the number of the bank account that we will use to carry out our 1st deposit in IBAN format. If you have no idea what method this format is, you can check this simple guide article that we developed at Educacep .

stock HBL Power Systems

Once our account is authorized, we will have to enter money from the Deposit/Withdraw tab. We have the possibility of carrying out a bank transaction that will take between 1 to 2 days, or make the deposit quickly thanks to Sofort, a totally secure and reliable payment gateway.

deposit money HBL Power Systems

How to buy HBL Power Systems (HBLPOWER.NS) shares via degiro

When we finally have the capital we can get our first share. You can use the place order button in the corner or use the spin finder and paste the ticker. In the next screenshot you will find that I have put the Amazon Ticker but you have to put (HBLPOWER.NS), the HBL Power Systems ticker. Since we are talking about an action, we will detect that the related results are listed and there we will see HBL Power Systems. The most important thing is that the ticker, the name of the action and the market in which it is listed coincide. Amazon is listed on NASDAQ (NDQ) and in your case HBL Power Systems Limited (HBLPOWER.NS) is listed on NSE. This step is essential so do not make mistakes.

American futures exchange HBL Power Systems

At the time of placing the order we have to pay attention to what I am going to explain to you . We will be able to carry out a limit or market order. Imagine that you plan to buy a share of HBL Power Systems, but its actual price is higher. With a limit order we will enter the value at which we plan to carry out the operation and until there are no shares for sale at this price, the purchase of the share will not be executed. With a market order, you will buy the number of shares that we have suggested at today’s selling price, which will be very close to the live trading price.

example stop limit spin order HBL Power Systems Limited (HBLPOWER.NS)

In one case or another it is very essential that you look at the type of organization: fixed or daily . To give an example, in Spain, the stock market is in the morning until 1:00 p.m., and in the USA it coincides with the afternoon schedule in Spain. If the order is permanent, it will be kept until the point where it can be executed, but if you prefer the “of the day” option, at the moment the day ends, if it is not carried out, it will be deleted from your file in Activity – Orders slopes.

I would love this short post to be useful for you to buy shares in HBL Power Systems.

  Company information
  • HBL Power Systems Limited (HBLPOWER.NS) Address: No. 8-2-601 Road No. 10 Opposite South Indian Bank ATM Banjara Hills Hyderabad 500034 India 91 40 2335 5575 – Website: http://www.hbl. in
  • Ticker: HBLPOWER.NS
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Industry: Electrical Equipment and Parts
  • Number of employees: 1,600
  • Listed market: NSE

key executives

Name Title Salary exercised Year of birth
Dr Aluru Jagadish Prasad Founder, President and CEO 14.15 million N/A 1945
Mr. Mikkilineni Satyanarayana-Subrmani Srinath Marketing Pres 3.71 million N/A 1969
Mr. A. K. Sridharan CFO 2.88 million N/A 1950
Mr. MVSS Kumar Compliance Officer and Company Sec. 1.49 million N/A 1969
Ms. Kavita Prasad Aluru full director 2.34 million N/A 1971
Mr. Suresh Kalyan Director of operations N/A N/A 1964
Mr. MVV Vidyasagar Electronics Group Pres N/A N/A 1964

Recent events of :

We have no recent events for this company.